The Solar Process

“Make the sun work for you”


Our team analyzes historic and projected electricity requirements to design the ideal system for your energy needs. We conduct satellite imaging and on-site inspections to determine your project’s solar potential. Our consultants then identify those solar components that yield the greatest long-term value.


We have extensive experience in the design of residential and commercial solar system. Our team has in-depth knowledge of AHJ and Utility requirements and are acquainted with various codes and compliances.

We provide accurate proposal documents to our customers, enabling them to pace up the signing up process. We just need the address of the locality and we will create the proposal drawings by which the estimated system size can be determined.

Solar permits

We design and draft complete Solar Permit sets for residential and commercial PV systems. We understand the various AHJ (Authority having jurisdiction) and HOA (Homeowners Association) requirements/guidelines and has been working using varied static and dynamic blocks and templates.

Solar Installations

Our professional team at SOLCO: The Solar Company has extensive experience in residential and commercial solar technology. Working closely with our clients, we can customize a solar system to meet the unique energy needs of your household or business. Our hands-on strategy will guide you throughout the entire process to avoid any confusion or delays.