Axpert MAX 6,5 PLUS: Off-Grid System


Axpert MAX 6,5 PLUS: Off-Grid System

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SOLCO SOLAR GROUP has created a convenient solar off-grid/ back-up power kit for the 6,5KW inverter charger AND when purchased as a kit you save up to 20%. Our 6,5KW kit is packed with power and ideal for large homes and businesses when grid power is often lost or if grid is not available.

Our kits includes everything you need to power your home or business, saving on your utility bill and have backup power available. The inverter charger is available in 120VAC/240VAC and can be configured in single or three phase configuration. You can expand your solar system by adding more inverters, batteries and solar panels if needed. .  Free shipping to the 48 state for all kits to the 48 states.




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